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by Roshnii on October 24, 2009

Everybubby week one

BubHub has officially launched! What a great feeling to see it get off the ground after the work that has gone in over the recent weeks.

Three of us arrived to an empty room on Thursday morning with boxes and bags full of toys, books, cloth nappies, slings and teabags. We got busy setting up the space, while our own bubs played amongst the toys on the floor.

Just before midday, our first guest came through the door with her little girl, and so began BubHub’s first session.

The Newbubs session was reasonably quiet, with some conversations about infant massage, baby-led weaning and Jean Liedloff’s ‘Continuum Concept’, plus a demo of how to use a wrap sling.

When the Everybubby session officially started at 1.30pm, the door kept on swinging open with parents, babies and toddlers joining the space. The play area expanded in all directions as the number of children grew. People sat in small groups chatting; the murmur rising to a hum, and then to a hubbub.

Midway through the afternoon I ducked out with my little boy to get some fresh air and help him have a short nap. When I returned, the room was quietening down again and I couldn’t believe that the hours had passed in such a blur.

There were smiles and thankyous as people left the community centre to make their way home.

With a great team effort, helped along by a few extra pairs of hands, we cleared up the space and returned it to its original state.

after the clean up

I came away tired but buzzing, and with a handful of reflections on how to expand and improve on BubHub’s first day in existence. I hope that over the coming weeks we can build on what we have started and make it a unique space for people to participate in.

If you came along, do leave a comment to tell us what you made of the experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions, you can add them to the BubHub wiki.

And, for those of you who didn’t make it to week one, we hope to see you next time!

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