Sewing, Spring and Starlings

by Crimbo on February 14, 2010

Starlings-2 on Flickr

Last week, Crafty Jac came along to show us how to make really funky bibs and shoes and snowsuits. It seems that pretty much anything that we can imagine – we could be sewing.

It was a very inspiring session and by the end of it a few BubHubbers had made bibs for their little ones to take home. I dusted down my sewing machine that weekend and whizzed up a little number.

So thanks Jac – that was great fun and really inspiring!

If you have a project in mind or just want to try your hand, Crafty Jac is there, in the North Road Painting Pottery Shop, offering classes that you can attend with your bubba or on your own.

As we headed home after a very relaxing afternoon, Roshnii and I noticed that it was still light enough to see the starlings swoop and shuffle above our heads.
It seems the onset of Spring is beginning and, with it, ideas for future events are budding.

We had our first Open meeting last week, which generated some great ideas about how to take the project forward.

As BubHub has been mainly self-funded and dependent on small donations up to this point we were also looking at ways to generate income to keep the group running.
With Spring just around the corner we’re looking at a year of activities and events that should help to raise some money and keep our spirits soaring.

So keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground as there are several events sprouting.

And don’t be shy!
If you have any suggestions, whims, fancies or enthusiasms please email them to us and we’ll try to put them into action at BubHub.

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