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by Roshnii on November 1, 2009

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On Thursday, BubHub opened its doors for the second time. The NewBubs session was pretty quiet. If you are a pregnant or new mum, we would love to see you. We know that pregnancy and the first months with a new baby can be a time full of questions, so bring them along and have a chat with other mums over a cup of tea while you browse through our collection of books, slings and nappies.

After lunch there was a steady stream of adults and littl’uns. I really enjoyed the friendly, family atmosphere and got to chat with people and be more present than the previous week when the afternoon seemed to pass me by.

As well as the feeling that BubHub is becoming known and bringing like-minded families together, I am really excited about some of the connections we have been making with the wider community.

From the outset, our vision for BubHub was that it would be a social space where people, big and small, could meet, and a resource for parents to find out more about child-centred approaches to raising their bubs.

We were hoping that we would also make links with other local groups and professionals, working within the field of natural parenting. So that the space would become a real hub of experience, knowledge and activity focused around this topic that we feel so passionately about.

And the connections are already being made…
So far, we have been in contact with Fiona, a Dru Yoga teacher specialising in pregnancy and post-natal yoga postures; Carmel, a homoeopath who coordinates the Arnica Parents Network; and Jess, a specialist in raw food.

All of whom are interested in bringing what they do into the BubHub space.

If you are involved with a project or line of work related to pregnancy, birth or child-centred parenting then let us know. We would like to help put you in touch with local parents and we’d love for you to come and run an activity at BubHub.

Parents and carers out there, keep an eye on our special events page for upcoming activities and keep up to date with what’s going on by joining our announcements email list.

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Roshnii November 4, 2009 at 9:16 pm

In my enthusiasm to publish this post, I forgot to mention our connection with the Brighton Sling Babies group.

BSB provides a fantastic service of sharing knowledge about babywearing, and some of us BubHubbers would not be with the slings we are today if it weren’t for the input of Evangelia and others. (She is going to hate me for writing that!)

In fact, the idea for BubHub was partly inspired by the experience that some of us founding members had at BSB meetings.

Sling Babies will meet on the first Thursday of each month at BubHub. So, if you want to keep your baby close and your hands free, come along to learn more about babywearing.

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