Into the Sunshine

by Roshnii on April 8, 2010

BubHub mums and bubs

Today saw the last of our meetings at the St Mary Magdalen Community Centre for the time being. In fact, we didn’t even last it out for the entire afternoon as we couldn’t resist the sunshine and blue skies and migrated en masse to the nearby St Ann’s Well Gardens.

The Centre has served us very well since our launch back in October last year, but a change of season is afoot and with it a change of rhythm for BubHub meetings.

As of next week, we will be meeting outdoors (weather permitting) for a few hours every Thursday afternoon. This will mean that the social community of BubHub will be more of a focus than the resource centre. Although, we are thinking about holding a monthly indoor meeting where people can still access our library, sling collection and nappy display.

You can stay up to date on when and where we will be meeting on our Facebook group.

Changes have been stirring for a while amongst myself and the other volunteers who keep BubHub running. Personally, my energy levels have been changing as I adapt to the needs of my increasingly active toddler. I feel as though life in this new phase leaves me with little time to do anything else but mothering. So, I will be grateful for a bit more of an easy-going flow over the summer months.

Beyond that, it is unclear how BubHub will evolve. Life with a young child is so unpredictable that I think we will have to take the next few months as they come and see where we go from there.

In the meantime, let’s just hope for more sunny days like today so that we can share more beautiful afternoons in the park with our beloved little ones and each other.

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kirsty August 10, 2010 at 8:55 pm

HI there
Really glad the group is going strong – i came when my daughter was 6 weeks old and people were so warm and welcoming. want to join in again but not sure how naps and afternoon slot will be – hope to see you in the lovely gardens or cafe soon.
kirsty and sophia
Ps Is it still thursdays 2-5pm as someone recently mentioned wednesday afternoons???

viola woolcott December 13, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Your group sounds wonderful. It is nice to see that there are mothers who take upbringing to heart and make it their priority.

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