BMW i7: new 2023 electric 7-series scooped

Published: 27 November 2020

► First look at new all-electric BMW i7
 Coming in 2023 after the i4, i5 and iNext
 Twinned with the next-gen 7-series

Engineers in Munich are beavering away on an all-electric sister to the next 7-series limousine range - and, logically enough, it's called the BMW i7. It's revealed in CAR magazine's latest scoop dossier, including our fresh artist's impression above.

It won't have escaped your attention that electrification is really taking grip in Europe's car industry and the i7 is pitched squarely against the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS, which is due to beat BMW's electric limousine into showrooms by some margin.

BMW hits back with a battery capacity tipped to top 100kWh for a long EV range of over 300 miles. Based around the latest group electric architecture dubbed CLAR, it will eschew the i3 and i8's composite construction for a more conventional steel and aluminium monocoque and a pair of e-motors will provide output equivalent to 536bhp and all-wheel drive. 

The new 2023 BMW i7 electric 7-series

The next-generation 7-series and visually similar electric i7 are penned by BMW design chief Domagoj Dukec. Rather than a prominent kidney grille, as featured on the latest BMWs, these limos get a simpler design, with a short front overhang, drop-shaped rear end and advanced aero. The 7-series is due in 2022, with the i7 a year later.

Spy photos of the new 2023 BMW i7

Our spy photographers have already snapped pictures of the BMW i7 and these inform our rendering above.  

These pictures show a prototype EV wrapped in a camo, and featuring BMW’s ‘Electric Test Vehicle’ badge, confirming its powertrain. Munich has been very thorough in disguising the front of the car, but we can still some make some educated guesses about the new i7’s face.

BMW i7 spy photos

The camo suggests narrower lights positioned lower than the current model – which looks a little like the old 8-series to our eyes. It could mark a very interesting styling direction for BMW, or it could be the camo playing tricks. We’re hoping it’s the former.  

BMW has confirmed its Dingolfing site will build all variants of the new 7, including the i7.

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An all-electric 7-Series: it's autonomous too

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot wing-mounted cameras and an extensive array of autonomous kit at the car’s front. The BMW 7-Series is traditionally packed full of new technology, and it looks like Munich is applying the same philosophy to the i7. We’re predicting the usual mod-cons we see in EVs but also a strong focus on autonomous driving, judging by the sheer number of sensors and cameras sprouting on this prototype test car. 

A new nose for 2023 BMW i7 EV

As for the grille? Expect it to be huge – this is a BMW 7-series, after all – and blocked off for better aerodynamic efficiency, like Munich’s other EVs. 

So where does this fit in to the burgeoning BMW e-range?

This year the iX3 kicks off Munich’s electric plan, 2021 will see the debut of the i4 and iNext, and 2022 will feature the i5 with the i7 a year behind. It’ll be released around the same time as the next 7-series, and look relatively similar – though it’ll be very different underneath.

By Georg Kacher

European editor, secrets uncoverer, futurist, first man behind any wheel