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Honda originally sold the HR-V back in the late 1990s, arguably getting ahead of the global trend for crossovers. But it then retired the badge for the best part of a decade - now the HR-V is back for a new, on-message compact crossover to slot beneath the bigger CR-V. For more information on the Honda HR-V range, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

This is a neat-looking compact crossover designed to cash in on the current obsession with small SUVs. The good news continues inside, where the HR-V looks and feels fresh and modern. It's a roomy interior, too - especially for a family-friendly 4x4 of this size. Actually, that 4wd reference is misleading: all UK HR-Vs will be front-wheel drive (for now; all-wheel drive may follow), as Honda recognises that most owners won't need go-anywhere ability. What they will enjoy is typical Honda niceties such as the firm's clever, flip-up cinema-style Magic Seats which tip up the rear bench to allow you to carry tall objects such as bicycles or pot plants in the aft passenger compartment. Very clever. 

The one we’d buy


The one we’d avoid like the plague


Rivals to consider

Jeep Renegade, Mini Countryman, Skoda Yeti


Roomy, on-trend, tech onboard


Not as slick to drive as some rivals, unsettled ride

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