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by Crimbo on January 29, 2010

At this time of year so many of us seem to be dragging ourselves through the short days searching for those few rays of sunshine to give us a little pep. Blowing the whole family’s noses and reaching for another chocolate biscuit to dunk in our coffee to fight off that sluggish feeling …well there is another way!

Jessica Fenton came along to Bubhub to give us loads of manageable ways to improve the health and vitality of the whole family by incorporating more raw foods into our diets.

Struggling to get fresh greens into your baby’s diet?
Jessica recommended juicing greens with some fresh apple and seeing how the little one takes to it.
I’ve already heard several mum’s interpretations; Sophie’s little Ellie wolfed down quinoa and kale juice porridge and Surya had a few sips of a potent beetroot and green juice cocktail, absolutely packed with goodness.

Many of us long-term feeding mums know that familiar cotton wool feeling often referred to as milk-brain when we can’t think of a date or the right word, well apparently it’s to do with insufficient Omega oils in our diets. Jessica gave a few really simple recipes for making omega rich milks from nuts and seeds and also recommended an excellent Omega supplement that should begin to lift that fug.

Jessica also donated a copy of her DVD “Delectable Desserts” which is now available to loan from the BubHub library.

So a big thanks to Jessica for her time and advice!!
And thanks for helping us to get through these harsh winter days and to remember the name of that thing we’ve been trying to think of for days.

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October 15, 2010 at 11:51 pm

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Sophie January 29, 2010 at 10:56 pm

I absolutely loved that while Jess gave her talk, her little one sat at the front beside her eating his lunch. It was the perfect example of a baby enjoying a raw diet (as he grinned away at us all), but also baby-led weaning. Thanks again Jess!

viola woolcott December 13, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Nut milks are GREAT! HAve you ever tried to blend organic rice milk with kale, bananas, dates, cashew nuts and RAW cacao nibs? Now, that would be a REAL treat!! We have this most mornings

PS. Instead of the rice milk you can also use filtered water.

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