Child Centred Parenting

Frank and Wendy

Today, there are many parenting movements. We are not out to create something new. Instead we are drawing from our own instincts and the wealth of parenting wisdom that has developed through people’s experience over the ages.

There are some underlying principles that we aspire to as parents, such as:

Trusting the child and one’s own instincts as a parent
Being responsive to the child’s needs
Allowing the child to develop at his own pace
Respecting her as an individual through one’s actions and communication
Asserting boundaries in a gentle and empathic way
Being authentic and accepting our strengths and limitations, as well as the child’s

How we each live out these principles varies from family to family. Some of the practices that we are exploring with our own children are:

Home birth / Physiological or Undisturbed birth
Breastfeeding / Long-term breastfeeding
Co-sleeping / Bed-sharing
Baby-led weaning
Natural health
Elimination Communication
Gentle discipline / Respectful communication
Holistic development – nurturing all aspects of the child and ourselves – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual

If you have any questions about child-centred parenting or something to share, get in touch.