A Maze of Choices

by Crimbo on January 19, 2010

How great to welcome in the new year in a friendly environment in which I can breastfeed my toddler and chat about such fascinating and complex topics as natural immunity.

Recently I was very concerned when my little boy was ill with vomiting and a high temperature and my doctor sent me to the children’s hospital. The staff at the hospital were very busy as any symptoms that resembled swine flu were being treated as such and required isolation units.

Understandably the doctors erred on the side of caution recommending Tamiflu and penicillin as they couldn’t rule out swine flu but suspected¬†tonsillitis.

I couldn’t help but feel that the weight of the decision fell slightly more heavily on the need to cover all bases in case of repercussions. This was understandable in the circumstances with so many cases coming through but, as a breastfeeding mum, I would always prefer to avoid giving my son strong medication unless necessary.

My lack of experience of childhood illness left me feeling anxious.

In the light of all this it was great to have Carmel O’Dell come to BubHub to host an Arnica meeting. Arnica is a network for parents looking for help and support in making difficult decisions about their children’s health.

It was an opportunity to talk about the tough choices parents face, such as vaccinations. An opportunity for parents to discuss opinions and concerns openly in the hope of making informed decisions in raising our children.

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Roshnii January 20, 2010 at 9:44 pm

I really enjoyed my time at BubHub last week too. Normally, when I am there, I tend to be in ‘organiser mode’, keeping half an eye on the vibe in the room and people coming through the door.

However, last Thursday, I spent the whole afternoon having in-depth conversations with people. Both parents that I have got to know at the group and others who I was meeting for the first time.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to share my experience of following baby-led weaning with my child and using slings. I also had two interesting conversations about labour and birth.

As we start the new year, it was rewarding to receive positive feedback on BubHub and to know that the project is having an impact on local community.

viola woolcott December 13, 2011 at 1:30 pm

I hav ebraought up 5 children (34, 29, 27, 21, 20). Unfortunately the first 3 have been vaccinated as I was ignornat and left the decision to the doctors. To be honest, I felt as if I had to trust them, afetr all, they went to University and KNEW what they were doing. Little did I know how WRONG I was and that I should have taken full responsibility for MY babies. Now, the last 2 haven’t been vaccinated at all. NIL, ZERO, NONE. I did a lot of research. Over 20 years now about non-vaccination and it is alarming what you find. What goes in the lethal injection. It’s chemical rape! Taking away the freedom of health. I could tell you more of my findings, but I am sure that by now you have worked out that vaccination is NOT necessary!!!

Money making – the pharmaceutical, doctors and the government are the once that profilt. Just a thought!

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